3's A Crowed

Okay, some of you think that 3 children is easy to be in. It's not. 3 is a crowed and someone is always left out. As the oldest I am the most"independent" but I would like to be heard. My brother is 14 and my sister is 8. I'm 16. Me and my brother get along but me and my sister don't. Thing is my brother is a daddy's boy and they do man stuff together like take him to hockey matches every week when dads at home (he works away 5 days a week) then my mum is always with me sister because my sister is used to her own way. This leaves me. I ask questions and get no answer. I get upset but they can't tell I'm down. The only time they take notice is when I get angry and answer back but i just want to be heard. What makes it worse is bother my brother and sister are really smart, my brother is predicted a*s and my sister as a reading age of 16 where as I get disappointed with consistent c's and I'm over the moon when I achieve a b. my sister and brother get time out when my parents help them and watch them with hockey but when it comes to me dancing the one show day a year my mum complains. I just feel unwanted and as I know they love me I just can't handle the shouting and the constant ignoring whilst something else is more important.
Granny007l Granny007l
Dec 2, 2012