Hi Julia Stiles

Hi Julia. I have talked to you on the astral plane at least once. You popped into one of my dreams. I said "I'll ask you out". Realistically our dating is likely to begin and end in the dream state because I can't imagine you finding me very interesting. I'm quite fun to be around but I'm sure I'm need more leverage to win your heart over like a "romance" bond to open up your soul to mine so you can feel the feelings that go deeper before you'd want to move a relationship further.

I don't sleep with women out of marriage so I won't be able to form one with you out of that circumstance. Because my leverage is so small I can't imagine you bringing yourself to desire me, although I admire that you feel to respect the procreative power.

At any rate let's just say I think you're a quality woman and am certain there are many men that would love to be your knight in shining armor.

Experiencing joy in life is a very important thing to you. One thing you told me in the last few days from this same astral plane is that I have "no joy in me". I suppose this was just an exaggeration to illustrate the point that I'm not experiencing the pleasures and love for life I could otherwise experience. Having such small support from my family for who I am and what I can do has left me here many times, but I obviously need to leave those days in the past per your feedback because I know it falls in line with any feedback from someone who is wise.

You have been skeptical that man can become like God. David Wilcock talks about this as being one of the most ancient secrets generally sequestered by the wealthy and secret societies and groups throughout history. He also talks about how many people in secret organizations and the black government are read into this philosophy and others once they reach a high enough interest by their constituents. How many people believe Joseph Smith was just echoing stuff he learned after getting high up into the Masons? He's the main guy getting the credit for this philosophy in the last 2 millenniums, but much of what he put together for the LDS religion came from the masons.

The lead mason at a lodge is called the worshipful master. Breakdown the title. When a man reaches the highest status among his fellow men he becomes this, even as Jesus Christ is our Worshipful master. The concept in a lodge is held as a type match for the real deal. Jesus Christ earned his exaltation through a process of refining before he was even born. Joseph Smith had been quoted as saying the father is also an exalted man that has only been God for 3 billion 555 million years. This pattern continues throughout eternity for anyone interested in enjoying it.

Women and men combine to create a super soul. Being of one heart and one mind they can rule together as a perfect tandem of beings. Whatever decisions fall in line with romance that leaves you in absolute elation will be what you will be able to enjoy with a man that completes you in eternity.

Men that can't or don't strive to create this outcome for their wife won't be prepared to take a top tier women to be theirs forever in eternity.

The most intelligent spirits need spouses of comparable intelligence to appreciate their existence to the fullest and most complete degree of gratitude. For many women perfection in a man is to comprehend the depths of her emotions and love her with all the more passion because of them.

This is the gold many women want in a man but aren't willing to pay the price needed to obtain one of these men, only steps away from perfection.

The women willing to pay this price will confess their lost and fallen state. They are lost if they don't follow the direction of their creator, even God, and Christ his only son after the manner of the flesh. All men are fallen who fall short of the glory of God so they must learn the method of their return back to his glory, which is to wash their soul of sin (or in other words, our shortcomings) through the power of the lamb(Christ) so we can be washed clean. God doesn't want people screwing up his happy, exalted lifestyle so he insists they cleanse themselves of corruption and shortcomings that would otherwise work against the order of his work and kingdom. People that think they'll be eligible to go where and do what he does are sorely mistaken if they don't master the art of being the mountain of a man that he is.

He treats people kindly who don't reach his glory but they must respect the protocol of his kingdom to qualify to work side by side him otherwise "where I am ye cannot come". Happiness is serious business in eternity but its business where there's zero tolerance for resistance. It's like he insists on being a superconductor and anyone that wants to say otherwise is thrown down to a lower order, out of his glory. Quality standards. People that don't meet them have no excuse. Standards are standards and if someone doesn't value those standards that's not his problem.

People that reach Godhood are perfectly uninterested in being around douche bags and other people that want to take them out of the peace they want to feel about their existence. I assert zero tolerance for filth and corruption in that dream we wish to orchestrate as our eternal resting place is, indeed, perfection.

Hey, don't complain, I'm working for free.

No one will seek after these things unless his heart swells for it, so live a clean life, stay away from fornicating with other people like it's a cancer and you won't be able to resist the enticings of our Savior to improve, progress and grow as a spiritual being.

What about passion? If I follow God I have more to spend than those who don't.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Jul 20, 2012