Ok, Conan

Here's a few thoughts to appease Conan so he gets the validation he wants about the Tonight show fiasco.

Conan faced with an unrealistic 3 man late night broadcast, doesn't make sense.

Conan wants to keep the integrity and "glory" of tonight show in tact so he resigns.

The experience was awkward and he knows wouldn't have happened if Jay hadn't been seeing his life as a host in dollar signs.

But remember Conan, If Jay went to another network how effective would that really have been? You with the tonight show, ratings in decline? Could you have thought of a way to pull ratings back?

Perhaps you could have succeeded but it's always easier to get Jay Leno in a head lock and squeeze until he confesses he is a bad forecaster and you could have given him a piece of your mind that he shouldn't quit or retire from something until he doesn't have the energy or will to do it. This is something Jay uses to establish his identity and had he realized that he wouldn't have passed the show to you.

He was trying to be a nice guy but without a successful show he can't seem to function with good self esteem.

It seems you don't care about self esteem that much; you just want to do comedy.

Well for the time being both of you are doing what you love, which is more than most people.

Remember how much larger your pocket book is than most people and that you're doing what you love to do and your comedy will only get better.

Money can't solve everything but it helps as a thing not to worry about. The settlement from NBC should keep your head above water no problem as long as you can be responsible with it.

Jay, Conan will probably make up with you if you agree to dress up in a bib and baby bonnet and sit in a high chair while Conan gets to feed you whatever he wants even he wants it to fly at you.

Live audience. Host it with Dennis Kucinich. <-- Out of date but If you didn't get it it's because your sense of humor doesn't function like Conan's.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Aug 16, 2012