K Here's Another For Bellichick

I've seen an impressive change in Bellichick with his own personal approach to generate humility at its fundamental of all levels.

I watched a post game press conference recently and I was impressed about the new spirit I see flowing through him, as evident in his speech, what's in his heart and with the gratitude he shows.

So he asked me a many months ago if I want a quarter. Yes, I'll take a quarter. The next quarter that will belong to me will be one where your team scores 14 points.

What you gain from it will be up to you.

Update 12-11-2012
Note the number I gave: 14. Notice i didn't post this until after their game on the 2nd of December. So the 12-10-2012 game the Texans scored 14 points in the first quarter. Used my subconscious to predict an inspired number, the next quarter they played was mine, given to me as soon as I was ready to claim it, which was a little before I wrote this article. I didn't watch the game because I fell asleep a little after 5 pm pst and didn't want to start something I couldn't finish. epic scoring numbers that game. 2 14's and 2 7's. 6 7's total, grand total of 42, a magic number in my life. This is validation for me that we socialize on a deep level and while we do we will often hint to our subconscious knowledge of future events. Here's an example of how the music of life can unfold in harmony with the intellect like a symphony. It also confirms my feelings about inspiration: you may not know why, just do what you feel inspired to do. Inspired to write the article, then used my 'psychic' powers to predict the next relevant number.

And like I said, it will belong to me. Can't just own 1/4 of a game though. If I'm 1 with the first quarter, I might as well be one with the whole game.  I'll cash out on the Patriots score as having symbolism for my life. 42. Read about it in "my first telepathy: how it all started" article # 2492423.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Dec 2, 2012