The Sustainability Question

The sustainability question. Does your business have it? Does your life have it? And is the fruit of your soul just as sustainably sweet and savor-able?

Are you sustainably able to live and operate in peace, living a single-minded lifestyle centered around helping people and spiritual growth? If not you're like most of us but you can do much better.

Here's an experiment I conducted on many wealthy people to see if they'd help out.

I didn't expect no one to help but that's what happened.

Unfortunately not one has helped me out.
No Job, No interview, No donation, no thank yous, no response.

My final argument about these folks is that if they can't manage to care then they can't find contentment dwelling in the heavens in eternity with people whose light, glory and power excel above the brightness of the sun.

At the end of the day it turns out most mortals have virtually no power.

If you don't have money you don't have much power. If you give your money away you have less power, if you spend your time not making money you have less power and showing you care doesn't get you much in terms of dollars and cents signs.

Consider the implication of taking upon yourself the responsibility of helping someone. If not with money or a job then with a discussion. How can you help them sustain themselves so they don't need yours or anyone elses help?

The sustainability question is best answered by people that have gifts in spiritual healing. The energy field of a self-sustaining soul in combination knowledge about how to heal the soul from sin are two gifts few people have come to the planet with pure ability to showcase.

My energy field is getting close from time to time and my knowledge how to heal people form their shortcomings is getting brighter each day and I'm confident I can heal people from most of their problems, allowing them to enjoy a sustainable state of being where they can feel and embrace the joy of doing work, enjoying their life and pursuing all the things that add to them the most happiness.

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