I feel like I cant achieve in life. I feel stuck. I was abused. I feel damaged. It is so hard for me to get back on track. I want to live a great life but how? I feel like I have ADD because of all the garbage in my heart and soul. I need to get rid of it. I dont want to be a failure.
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18-21, F
1 Response Jan 11, 2012

In each of us there is a gift, a strength of character that allows us to heal and grow. Tapping that inner strength is easy for some and hard for others.

Don't carry the baggage from the past inside you. Look at it, accept it is yours and set it aside. Once you can walk away from the negative feelings and garbage you can search for your source of strength. Each of us have it, finding it and using it to focus your life on positive action and results is a life long journey but it is a worthwhile trip to take.

Best wishes with your battle with yourself. I hope the better half wins!

Wild D