I Cant Let Myself Down

I feel like im about to fail the assignment I have given to myself. I ened things with my boyfriend a little over 48 hours ago and when I get bored I constently think about taking him back. Right now I might not have my cell phone but its not hard to redownload AIM or unblock him from Facebook or just e-mail him on here. Its going to be really hard to be alone every single night and not try and get in contact with him. I just need to make it to Friday. I can make it through this.

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Thats exactly what I needed to read right now! Hes on AIM and on here and I just want to talk to him and see him but you are absolutely right. Just cause I havent talked to him in 72 hours doesnt mean things have changed. I will end up miserable, disappointed and let down.

Men are pigs even break the ice for you? :)<br />
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Don't take him back though, just because you think you want him back or because you don't want to go to bed alone.<br />
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If you take him back, you could be more miserable than you were before. And you want to go the other way, not go down.

Cause hes an *** who doesnt give two ***** about me. I have a few stories about it.