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Right Now

I'm feeling like a complete failure right now. I ruined two relationships in less than one year because I'm just completely idiotic and scared and useless on that sector. The only thing I want is to be in a happy relationship and whenever I get the chance I get panicky and **** it up. In less than one month I will have the tests in my first semester in university ... and if I don't make it then I will really start to feel like the mother of all failures.
GothGrrrl GothGrrrl 18-21, F 16 Responses Jan 15, 2008

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just dont give up

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failure is always an open door to a new opportunity- don't take it hard- next time you will definitely do better

I ended several Great friendships this year.

"All that you are is a result of what you have thought."<br />
Make of that what you will =)

At least you can be in a relationship. I'm going to die alone, so whose shoes would you rather be in? Relationships start and end all the time.

I understand what you are going through I myself just finished my first semester if school and I feel like I fail at relationships... I am going through a rough time I am really confused as to what I want to do with my life and I've convinced myself that i am not smart enough to go to college. But deep down i know it isn't true and that i am really smart. I guess we are just confused with our transition to adulthood. I know you will find someone great we just have to keep our chins up and focus on school and one day we won't find the one...they will find us lol :D

Relationships and dweling on them can be probably one of the biggest mistakes you could make while in school. If it happens, that's all well and good, but some of the best ones I've ever had came along when I decided to quit stressing them, and just did what I enjoyed. My grades were better for it, and my stress level was far lower than it had been at the time. I nearly worried myself to death because I couldn't keep a relationship (severe anxiety attacks followed...and I really thought I was having a heart attack).

Hello there hunny .. 1st of all you should never think that your a failure its all about trying and trying again and don't worry to much about your tests as I'm sure you can take them again its the end of the world <br />
<br />
And with your r-ships you look like a very stunning girl .just take things slow with the next one try and stop thinking your going **** it up and remember hunny r-ships are all a learning curve for all of us we was nothing born to have the perfect relationships straight away this takes time and I'm sure we all do it your have a few before you find Mr right its all about learning from your mistakes hunny .. don't be shy when the times ready get back on the dating game and don't worry relax and enjoy yourself your still young hunny loads of time left in life

Quoting Thomas Edison, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." - well, you basically found 2 different ways it wouldn't work. When it comes to relationships, your "gut" 9 times out of 10 will never lie to you. Perhaps your intuition was telling you something. So don't look at it as failure, look at is as another step forward to something better.

Sounds like something I've gone through.<br />
I rather not try on relationships that I don't think are worth the time.<br />
But you know, I guess it's just something that is true.<br />
I guess I rather just have my time along and actually stop looking for that special girl and wait for her to come to me or just let faith come through.

Take it from someone who knows. Focus on university for right now, relationships later. I focused on relationships and never got my degree: something I'll always regret. NONE of the relationships were worth it. Feel good about your accomplishments. I'm sure you'll do great on your tests. My 18 yo son is facing his first testing schedule at his university very soon, also. He's nervous, but focused.<br />
I wish you luck.

It doesn't mean that if you ruin 2 or even 10 relationships or if you fail one exam ore even hundred you are a failure!! Being a failure doesn't depend on these kind of things,and i strongly believe that no one is a failure and that at the end everyone finds its way to be in peace with him or herself!

maybe your not the problem. actually your not. being cautious is a good thing it means your willing to look both ways before walking around the street. and happiness lies in yourself not a boyfriend. but to honestly think of yourself as being perfect. never through another's were not ever a failure nor are you a failure now. just for the record if this makes you feel better there will always be worse so why cant you be the best? i say lay off the relationships and just be yourself. you need to think about the most important person in your life. you.

maybe you have some sort of anxiety disorder or social problems? what do you mean by getting all panicky?

I hope things have gotten well by now. but if not, don't give up hope. you are a good person and you deserve the good things in life.