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Finally Out Of College, Now What?

Months ago, I had so many plans back then. I was sure of the paths I should take, of the requirements I needed to fulfill and the companies I'll send my resumes to. But now what?

I don't know what happened. It seems like a huge tornado came out of nowhere after I got my diploma and tossed me somewhere where nothing happens. Maybe in a rut deep down wherever this is where I am right now.

Now, I don't know what I'm doing with my life. I am not sending out my resumes. My friend said that in time, I'll find the drive. But yeah.

I'm pretty much lost. Ha. When was I not anyway.

Half a year after graduation and I've only sent out two resumes. I know I am competent, I know I have the skills and the brain and maybe even the looks, but I'm stuck. I need something to push me out of this rut.

I know I'm lucky and I know I'm currently wasting my life away.

And if my old self would see how I am right now, she'll definitely say "You don't feel like a failure, you ARE a failure."

What happened to all my plans back then...? :-(
stelladepereo stelladepereo 18-21, F 6 Responses Sep 3, 2011

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You grew up, that's what happened. The story you told yourself to get through school was powerful and great because it worked, but surely you didn't think that was all there was to it, did you? Life is so much more awesome than that, and so are you!

Great stelladepereo! I'm glad you are feeling better! Good luck on your job search.

Don't worry about going on more than one interview at a time. If you get both jobs or more than that,,, then you choose the best opportunity for you to grow and pray to God to give you wisdom. .... So I would just tell the employer you are not going work for that you got another job offer that you couldn't pass up. You don't tell them where, what, or how much. That's business. You first. They are thinking them first so it's cut throat reality. You think you first. But always keep the door open with your attitude because you never know if you will work for them years later.... You want to be liked by giving them lots of compliments.<br />
<br />
Remember God's Word says, "Seek and you shall find. Knock and I shall open." Trust Him and it'll all come together.

Thank you for your comment! I feel a lot better now and my head's clearer as well. I pretty much know what to do. I was so messed up last night about this and so many other things. I'll be sending my resume to another company tomorrow. Hope I get in. :D Thank you so much!

Oh also, thanks for the comments guys! :-)

I would imagine that you are going from a very structured daily schedule (school) to no external structured schedule. Use a day-timer and fill out what you are going to do for each day. Fill it out the night before. This will give you the structure you need. Try to send out several resumes each week. Do a little research on the company first and go from there?<br />
<br />
What did you major in?

Well actually another concern of mine is that what if two or more called? How will I turn down the other? That's also why I wasn't sending out resumes. But because of that, I'm getting nowhere as well. Ahhhhhhh.

I majored in Journalism. :)

going to be hard for a few years<br />
<br />
we had many plans as kirs and a young married couple but those planes ened with her death at 19

Yeah, hopefully I'll be able to survive those years. Sorry to hear bout her death. :-(