My Doctor.

I was recently taken to the doctors, and I had to take this survey on myself. I dont remember what the exactly questions were, but their was one that asked "Do you ever feel like a failure to your friends, family, or yourself?" I answered truthfully saying "yes I do feel like a failure to my friends, family, and myself, but wouldn't most kids when all they do is try so hard to get everyone too like you; or everyone to be satisfied with how hard you try, or ect. Well I do so much for everyone, never caring about myself, and no matter how hard I try I always and yelled at, hated, or do something wrong. Can you blame me for feeling this way?" So my Doctor told my mom to put me in counseling but I refuse to do that. I don't like focusing on my feelings, that's
I push my feelings aside. I'm great at giving advice to everyone, but in return everyone leaves me hanging. So honestly I can't blame myself for feeling this way, I can't blame anyone. Plus ever since I did the "California High" my doctor accused me off doing drugs. And I was like what the ****. "Dont you think I wouldeve learned my lesson?" But whatever. I'm done with this story.
KittayGoesRawrxD KittayGoesRawrxD
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You're no failure, but a lot of people including me care about you.

Thank you.