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I Wish I Could Trust My Wife More.

So here I am Married for the second time and before you ask, Yes I'm madly in love and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
We don't have kids, but I have 3 from previous relationships. In a nutshell my marriage is great. It has it's problems, but I'm ok with them and they are under control.
My real problem is this....My ex girlfriend, ex wife, ex girlfriend (you get the idea) all cheated on me and I caught them all out. My last girlfriend did such a number on me that I attempted suicide. For some reason I assume my wife will do the same, so much so that I have these mini panic attacks and then pick apart everything she has said to me after she goes out without me. It's driving me nuts!!!

I don't know how to control it and its starting to affect my marriage.

More background for you.
I suffer from depression and have done since I was a kid. I have very low self esteem. I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2007 after being involved in the London Bombing of 7/7. I'm genuinely a strong person and pretty easy going.

I just want to know how to control these stupid urges.
Punkybutt Punkybutt 36-40, M Aug 12, 2012

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