yeah i do lets look at the facts.

i nearly didn't graduate from high school on time despite my IQ having been tested at genius level by two different psychiatrists

after high school i joined the Air Force and flunked out of basic training

i flunked out of college

i was fired from every job i have ever had except my current job and the one just before it which i quit to work here

my marriage......don't even get me started but obviously i did something wrong there since she felt the need to go outside the marriage for what she wanted

i have had 3 girlfriends other than my soon to be exwife 1 screwed my best friend and 1 left me giving no explanation (or even a phone call)

i am a highly intelligent person stuck in a job i hate with no prospects of improving my situation at all

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I'm about to go into Air Force basic Training in less than a month now, And I scored a 97/99 on the ASVAB. I agree with what has already been said here by others.<br />
of Course it's all a matter of, as an Intellectual that is, slowing down long enough to hear the world. Sometimes we have to take the focus off of what WE are doing, and just try to help others. The world isn't a pretty place anymore, and if we help others, we can learn to help our selves.

b calm.sink your pride and get alone to must get out of the self fulfillling prophecy of failure.

Often times geniuses have to work hard to notice how people feel about them or to impress others in school or work. Keep working on it and try to find the subtext to why she left; maybe she decided you were arrogant because you didn't ask her about things that were important to her. Feeling underappreciated is probably a big reason to look elsewhere or decide to move on.<br />
<br />
It's not that you have a bad personality but you might have to work at it to look interested by being responsive in conversation and to the subtle needs like being intimate when that's what will cheer them up.<br />
<br />
Be spontaneous sometimes and use things that help you accomplish this.