Failure...or Self Destruction !!

Sometimes life can seem so empty, so pointless... i ask myself  "what do i want from life"......but i am unable to answer what seems to be a very simple question.....why is it that i feel so helpless, so unable to communicate with the people i love the i so messed up inside that i find it so hard to express love....i have love to give of that im certain, yet i seem unsure of what "love" really is...

 Am i really a failure?... or am i just stuck in self destruct mode, intent on hateing myself and putting myself i really a bad person?... do my family and friends think that?.... i think not!! why do i feel so bad inside, sometimes so bad i just want to give up....i guess only i have the answers locked up inside me somewhere, somewhere i am afraid to go....what am i afraid of?....of that im not sure !!

Failure comes when YOU stop trying!!...i dont wish to fail....yet failure seems so easy..

36-40, F
1 Response Nov 26, 2007

Dash is right. I know how you are feeling, and it can be so agonizing and confusing and lonely and crippling. Sometime it becomes incapacitating, I know that, but all the pain - I promise you that is just part of the discovery. Which means that their is something to discover, and if it hurts real bad, than whatever it is you are yearning for must be worth the pain. Just try to trust yourself, don't be too hard on yourself, let yourself be in the place you are and the person you are, even if is not quite where you want to be yet, and you WILL get there.