What I Miss

What I miss:
The affection I was receiving from my Dad while sitting on his lap.
The toys he would bring home just for me.
The baths my sister used to give me.
Being able to just wear underwear when I was home in front of my sisters
and sometimes go naked.
Wearing my sisters panties cause they thought I looked cute in them.
Being able to go shirtless in public.
Not having to wear shoes.
Riding my bike with just my shorts on.
Freeballing while wearing shorts cause I liked seeing guys trying to look up
thur the opening of my shorts checking out my goodies.
I miss comparing my thing with the other boys.
I miss getting boners with my friends and ******* off.
I miss pretending being a girl to my best friend. We had so much fun getting naked
and playing games.
I miss been able to tease girls and getting away with it.
Getting a weekly allowance from Dad for not doing anything.
Going to school and thinking I was smarter then the teachers.
Watching my older brother get spanked for something I did.
I miss the nightly back rubs he would give me.
I missed my buddys protecting and defending me from the bad boys.
Watching my brother taking out the trash when it was my turn.
Watching my sisters clean house and cook dinner while I watch cartoons on TV.
I miss ripping the heads of my sisters dolls just to mean to them.
I miss the coach patting and rubbing my butt during P.E.
I miss pulling my pants down and showing my neighbor my wee wee for a dollar.
I miss having girls fights over me even though I do not like girls.
I miss older woman trying to seduce me into having sex with them.
I miss going out for a bike ride at night with no clothes on.
I miss throwing a tantrum when Mom told me NO!
I miss being held and cuddle when I cried.
I miss the guys that loved sucking my **** when I was boy.
Being a man sucks!
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51-55, M
2 Responses Jul 10, 2010

Those sound fun

Man all that sure was fun. I hope one day I make sure My kid gets to experience all the Fun i had.