4 Years Old And Trapped

hi my mum and dad called me thomas but thats the name of this 22 year old body i am a 4 year old in mind (and wanna change my name to justin) thats the state of mind in which i am happy i can not get in to much adult things sex not interested and lots of adult tv and films look silly to me i need to just live as a little boy full time in public and privately but it feels like this need is never going to get filled i am sick of having to put the "thomas" mask on im not a grown up but no 1 can see it cos my body is adult can any one in the uk help me out if so send me a message and i will happy to talk more   
EyeAmTom EyeAmTom
22-25, M
1 Response May 10, 2012

Aaaww Justin,<br />
<br />
It is good that you don't like adult films and TV coz most of it is toxic junk.. Maybe it's good that you don't care about adult sex, coz lot's of that is just co-ercion and selfishness.. It's brave and good that you recognise and acknowledge the REAL you, the INSIDE you, the you that often has to be hidden behind the Thomas-mask .. JUSTIN ..<br />
I so much want to meet Justin, and to be his friend, and maybe his daddy, and to care for him.. Please send me a message direct so we can talk more about this.. rascal2002au@yahoo.com.au <br />
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Big hugs to Justin..<br />
<br />
John xx