I Just Need To Work....


I'm new here, and this is my first post on this site.  I feel like a loser because I am having a REALLY hard time feeding and providing for my family.  It seems like no matter how hard I try, something else blows up and I am so discouraged, frustrated and a long way from being satisified.  there was a time when I was on my game.  I used to be an assistant manager at a mortgage company, I was a stock trader(soon to be philanthropist) and everything blew up.  We lost 2 babies, my mom, my wifes dad, several friends, filed for bankruptcy, had multiple job loses, and all this while trying to maintain a good solid marriage and a great enviroment for my two kids.  My family is close, but I'm so stressed out on the inside I dont know what to do as the head of the house.  I am old school where I think I should be the bread winner but when I shop around in the job market I feel so far behind the times(which I probably am not, just feel  that way).  I'm not looking at making 6 figures, I just want to provide a good solid consistent place for my family to thrive in.  I created a postion for myself in my last job as an assistant manager because I saw that the loan officers were really good at getting applications, but they struggled at doing the rest of their job so I created an assistant job for myself in the office and it was working pretty well.  by not providing for my family in an ongoing consistent way I feel like a pauper and a derilict of duty.  I have 4 mouths to feed, clothe, and put a roof our our heads, and I keep falling short.  and I'm getting really really really tired of it.  keep going on.....how do I reinvent myself?  Go back to school?  AHHHHH!! 

The new guy
stevedsignup stevedsignup
May 15, 2012