It's Just How I Feel Sometimes

But not all the time just when I'm having a particularily bad day, like yesterday when I joined this group lol. I've felt like this on and off for most of my life so it's time to make some changes as I'm getting a bit old for this loser malarky. Life really is incredibly short, too short to be wasting feeling sorry for myself.
Eggyegg Eggyegg
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3 Responses Jul 2, 2011

Hey, <br />
I just found this site in time. I am feeling like such a loser. the teaching job I had for 12 has been eliminated and I have go on unemployment. I am in my 60s and it is not easy to find another job, in fact it is very hard. I have health problems (neck and back issues that were accommodated by the school) but will be a problem any where new.<br />
I know there are lots of good, decent people drawing unemployment, but I feel like a looser. BOO HOO!

Egg, your on the right track, if you want your life to change you have to change things in your life, I have listen to your wish is your command quite a number of times, it has really had a inpact on my life.

Hello egg, When i read your story i was happy that you joined this site. This site saved me many times. You can write just about anything and a lot of times you will get a comment on one of your stories. Another thing about this site is that the people on here do not judge you so what ever it may be you don't have to worry they aren't going to upset you in anyway so you don't have to worry just be your self and be true.I would like to be your friend so if you would like please friend me so we can talk. You also can message me and i will get back to you . Have a good night.

Thanks for commenting Anton815 it's good to know I'm among friends. Being myself is something I desperately want to do as I feel i've worn so many faces over the years and been who i think ppl want me to be. Silly really but that's how it was. Things do have to change and I feel now I have some power to do that. Am I making sense? Hope so. Thanks again.