I feel like a loser because I am 32 have 2 kids( that I love) I have no job I guess I am what you call a homemaker but I don't feel satisfied just being a mom and homemaker even though this is a full time job I just don't feel happy or satisfied inside I feel like I should be doing something else.
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there are females who have jobs but no married life i feel you are damn lucky as you have got the family in your's your house you can keep it the way you want..i feel you should be content with your family as you do enjoy a good family life incase if you want to get an extra source of money try taking tuitions of young kids which can add to another source of income, it will keep you busy and have a respectful life.. god bless!!..

you're loser, you have 2 kids, they are your most important assets. when you're real difficult you will find out the exit

There's plenty of us out there. Don't feel bad. I've been unemployed for 2 years now. :( You're still young enough to make something of yourself. Just don't take 20 years, like me, to do it. Be glad you have kids. I can't have any.

Thanks for your comment! I feel better and sorry that you can't have any kids.