Not Many Friends.

Just that, In real life I have no friends. I'm repulsive. I try to be as kind as possible but making friends seems to be difficult. Internet is really the only place I can feel comfy and have friends easy.
TotoSakigami TotoSakigami
18-21, M
2 Responses Jul 26, 2012

That sucks man, do you have any hobbies? Often there are clubs in your town where people meet up and play chess for example and get to know other people. It can be a good way to make new friends. You should try searching on your community's website for local events also. Or if you have a religious belief you can always attend services. Look around your workplace and see if anyone there might look like a nice person worth getting to know. Usually co-workers end up being just acquaintances but I made a really good friend in one once.<br />
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Unfortunately most websites to meet people often focus only on match making for couples.

No , not really. Getting a hobby is good advice though I guess.

Let me give you a tip: Don't change for someone else, just be who you want to be, don't be as nice as possible, be as nice as you want to be. If you are 100% yourself, the right friends will find you.