Loser Weekend No Life .____.

It is the first week of school. I am embarassed that I don't have any plans for the weekend. I didn't yesterday, and I don't either today. I am in a sorority and I don't always feel like the girls are the closest to me. Well some of them are more than others. But how can I not have anything to do on a weekend?! Well my older sister texted me asking how my second weekend back was, and I do not want to say the truth because I do not want her to think I am a loser. How can I make her think I actually have a life (through text), when I actually don't (at least hopefully only this weekend)? I know lying is bad, but hey, it's just a white lie. Any suggestions of what to say?
P.S. I have always been jealous of my sister, so I do not really want her to think I am a loser. I joined the sorority last year, as a sophomore, so I would think I would not be doing loser-ish things this weekend.
Anyway, HELP!
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I had the exact same situation with me. I was horribly shy, and it didn't help that I considered myself fat and repulsive. But people in the world are really great. The great thing about school/university is that there are a lot of student clubs to get involved in. Don't forget, everyone is just as shy as you, no matter how they seem on the outside.

I would say, join a club with a social positive purpose (that way you're guaranteed to meet great people with inspiring ideas) or any other club that interests you. Once you learn to break out of your shell, you'll feel more confident to try more things and meet more interesting people out the way. The only trick is, there will be 1 or 2 people who may give yo u the cold shoulder or may seem rude, but in my experience that's their shyness coming out in a different way. Ignore the exceptions, people are mostly really awesome. All the best!

Your not a loser, okay? Don't lie, not even a little white lie, cause in the end it's gonna bite you in the ***. And I know your sister will not like it being led on or lied to. But if you are really stressing about it tell her how your classes went and how your doing, I wouldn't think that your social life would be a big concern to her. Besides it's only the second weekend there's the whole school year left. Hope this helps a little.