Born to Disappiont

I was in elementary school and was always praised by my teachers. My friends used to ask what i was gonna be and i'd reply neurosurgeon just because i really did't know. The thing that got to me and still does is that they would always say "i knew it was something hard." Now im 21 and have not started college and have no job. Every time i hang out with my friends they ask what im doing and i try to change the subject. Now ive completely isolated my self from them. It also happened with my family. I feel so ashamed of my self and of the fact that i am probably disappointing my dad. I feel as if i was born to disappoint. It's as if everyones expectations for me are burning me up.  

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3 Responses Feb 13, 2009

I have been there. I also was an "above average" child growing up with high aspirations. I turned 26 this year, only to move back in with my mom and step-dad and go to college finally. I'm in a new area, with little or no friends, and waiting through the loneliest summer of my life for next school year.<br />
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The good news is even if you never applied yourself past elementary school, you are still that "above average" person. When you find what you want to do, and apply yourself fully to accomplish it, you will soar. I've had to turn around from a heroin addiction, and had 3 serious girlfriends not work out in the past 8 years, but I got straight-A's my first semester back, and am going to become a lawyer no matter how pathetic my life is until then. Set a goal. YOUR goal.... and stop at NOTHING to achieve it!<br />
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You can do it falling! Everything happens for a reason, and we are all chosen.

I am agreeing with CA in the fact you need to set yourself a goal to obtain. People talk about this all of the time but it is the execution of it that they fall on.<br />
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Start with a goal that you want to be done with in X years. (have it be with in a reasonable time fr<x>ame) then set smaller goal along the path to achieve very quickly. Then DO IT. <br />
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If you set your goal but don't work to achieve it, bc of what every reason then failure becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.<br />
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It starts with you.

This saddens me to read not because you feel as though you were born to disappoint, but because you ever assumed others expectations of you as type of direction at all.. rather than your own. Your isolating yourself from everyone because your ashamed of yourself, and it's a little easier to handle without someone breathing now your neck. But now, are you truly dissatisfied because your not what everyone thought you'd be... or because you are not what you thought you'd be? I advise you to seek inward and momentarily take your entire background out of the picture. Ask yourself. What do you want to be? Who are you and what exactly is it that you personally want change? Trust me when I say, motivation, persistence, and believing in yourself goes further than one can only imagine.