Couple of months ago i heard from my ex boyfriend that some friends i was occasionally hanging out were calling me a loser. I was not very close with those people, we were just fine and mostly went out as a group. Actually i would never have guessed they would call me a loser because they were nice to me. But i know it is true because my ex showed me some texts. Also since then, i lost some friends and i am afraid that is because of this loser thing. I dont know why would people i called friends say that from my back since they never treated me badly. I was already depressed and it makes me feel more desperate when i think about it. Why would "friends" call you a loser behind your back?
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2 Responses Aug 19, 2014

What nonsense! No one is a loser...who told you that? Go and kick them in the nuts...and be brave and face shall all work out...Have faith in yourself above all...

Because people are jerks, and getting off at other people's expense makes them feel better about themselves.

Thanks for your answer, you are right! By the way i am a senior in college and i never had an issue like that in highschool or before. It is weird that people are doing these kinds of things in college :/

You're going to find people do that at all stages of life... I had a 34 y/o guy threatening to fight me over talking to his ex-gf.