Born To Love Science, Doomed To Never Understand It.

I've always loved science, especially stuff to do with robots and AI, psychology, strange occurrences and various other topics. As a generally curious person I used to try whatever experiments I could (I was never allowed one of those little chemistry sets unfortunately) and my mum would always say I should be a mad scientist. That was awesome in my opinion because the ones I saw on TV looked brilliant. Dr Jekyll, Frankenstein, they fascinated me. Strangely enough no matter how I tried in school or at home to learn, I couldn't get a grip of the educational side of science. I was terrible at it! If our physics lessons involved making a doomsday device I'd at least be able to pay more attention, but I couldn't tell you how to make one.

Still, in the little online groups of science lovers I'm known to some as Jekyll Jr because of my messed up personality. I like it! XD
NerdyOtaku NerdyOtaku
22-25, F
Sep 19, 2012