I do feel like a man, most times than a woman. This why I like and can identify with drag queens! Not to say that I have man parts! lol. NO! And I wouldn't want them either... from what I've heard, you guys have too many issues with those parts! I'll keep my female parts, thank you very much! =p

But the quickest way to have me uncomfortable is make me wear a dress... or a skirt... or makeup! EWW! And I have no idea about shoes or fashion, either. I'm just as lost as any guy would be, when it comes to designer handbags and fancy heels. My deal is gothic looking boots and Converse sneakers! Whoo-hoo! XD

Even as a little girl, I hated to wear stockings and dresses! I would find some way to get rid of the stocking and then do cartwheels, exposing my underwear to all! And then my mother would yell at me. =p

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1 Response Mar 7, 2009

You sound like my wife. She even buys her jeans from the men's side. She is all woman, just not so "girlie girl."<br />
Nothing wrong with that. Just be glad you are not a man and want to dress like a woman! You can walk down any street wearing all men's clothes and no one will brother you. Unless a guy is really good at wearing women's stuff o'boy. He could even get arrested or beaten up! ...DD