So Sad....


I  read something that made me so sad tonight.  It felt as though a little piece of my heart died. 

I don't understand the logic behind it.  I don't understand the anger behind it.  I just don't understand.......

My friend doesn't believe the words "I love you" anymore.

There is only one conclusion....they don't believe me.  It felt as though a piece of my heart died.

Just leave me alone with my broken heart.   Just leave me alone with my thoughts tonight.

Tomorrow, as always, the sun will shine and the smile will be present for all to see.  But for now......

..........just leave me alone with my bitter tears and my soul shadows.


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5 Responses Feb 8, 2010

akasarah ~ Thank you for the hug, you are a good friend :)<br />
<br />
Brooklynchick ~ I'm okay, thank you and I love you too girl. :)

Aaww, hon, the guys will be off duty soon and things will be alright....just hang in there. I can't sleep so come talk to me, you'll feel better. Love you, G


Thank you for understanding, I am just too sad tonight to even talk. I will be okay.....just give me a little time. ((hugs)) Your Sis :)

Talk to you tomorrow then,Sis. Xs