My mom died on my birthday in November. My life will never be the same. My life is so sad right now, 4 wks ago my best friend of thirty-five years passed away suddenly. 1 1/2 wk ago my brother passed away suddenly. I hate it. The numbers of my family are dwindling fast. I don not know how to go on.......
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My father died unexpectedly when I was ten after I had been in a near-death experience a month before. He had colon cancer (didn't know at the time) and had a heart attack during surgery. Life turned upside down, but it made me stronger in the long run. My parents had been divorced for over eight years at the time and so I was the only one who felt anything. Also, my mom married a few months later to an abusive man that I had to live with for seven years.

hey journeywomnyn....sorry for your loss..I also have experienced loss...but the funny thing is before and after the loss I saw and dreamed things about the people I lost and it gave me evidence in a belief that there is something more than Earth life...something that I choose to believe is freedom from earthly suffering and somehow I know deep in my heart those that are no longer here...pierce the veil at times and I know they live on...I know this may sound a bit trite but I truly believe it!!! Hope this helps...Cyn...<br />
When my Dad passed away in November 2004...I felt about 9 years old and wept on and off for weeks ...and then one day I was rounding a curve in the town I live in (its called Deadmans Corner) and I saw my Dad plain as day in my sisters car..passing me by...I speak a truth