The Physical Person Is Here, But The Emotional Person Is Not.

My relationship ended, but we are still together all the time. I feel as if we are still together, but it is quite different. Sometimes he is the same. A lot of the time he is quite different. Distant. Not loving like he used to be. We still have sex, but it's different. He doesn't tell me loves me during sex. He doesn't tell me that I'm beautiful anymore. He says the reason he is not as loving is because he doesn't trust me anymore, and honestly, I don't feel I have done anything to deserve that. It's hard to deal with. I want nothing more than to be with him, but when I am, I suffer emotionally. When I'm not with him, however, I suffer even more. I am stuck, and I have no idea what I should do.
FoolingEveryone FoolingEveryone
22-25, F
Dec 8, 2012