Don't Identify Much With Any Gender

I don't feel like a man either... just a person.  The things I usually think of as "womanly" aren't part of my self-image. 

I have a female body, and have given birth to two children (sons), who are grown... I'm not physically attracted to other women, and sometimes am attracted to men.

But beyond that... I'm not at all submissive.  I don't like to cook, and I dislike the word "serve."  :)  I don't wear makeup.  I don't wear frills or bows.  My fingernails are unpolished.  I don't own a dress, high heels, or stockings.  No pierced ears here either, and I only own a few pieces of jewelry, which I rarely wear.  You can probably guess whether I use perfume or not.

I'm not interested in romance novels.  I read general mainstream fiction the most--but I do tend to prefer female writers and am not interested in Westerns, or any but a few really absorbing spy novels.

I know a good bit about tools and how to use them.   I get a moderate amount of exercise, hiking and light weight-lifting.  I once killed a snake in the house with a kitchen knife (I had babies in the house then, and I couldn't tell if it was poisonous.)  I crawl under my house every fall to check out conditions and plug holes so mice can't get in.   Of course I mow my own grass. 

I wonder if any other women are like this.  There must be a few. 

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I don't polish my nails, I rarely put on makeup but when I do it's a DAY! I HATE shopping of any kind. I've had long hair and a shaved head ... It's currently long and I'm considering the short look again. When it's long it's either in a pony or bun - no muss no fuss! Dresses ... I'd rather not but will if I have to. Jeans or shorts and a t-shirt are my preferred attire. I've gone hiking alone on many occasion and I've even canoed the local rivers alone. I camp, fish, and hunt on occasion. I was dad's little boy and my brother was just ... well he played video games. I've always done all the house maintenance and improvement, yardwork and so on ... <br />
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Once, I raked the leaves up in fall but my husband at the time refused to help me bag them after I had raked for 6 hours straight, my hands were blistered and sore, etc. So, I left them there! The following spring was wet as is normal. I went out to rake the leaves out of the ditch in front of the house to allow the water to pass through. The ditch was filled with snakes! I jumped across from the street side into the yard and landed promptely in a snake den ... They were EVERYwhere - 100's and 100's of them! I was out there with a shovel, a rake, a brick and some hedge clippers killing snakes off left and right! hehe<br />
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So, here's to us ... us 'people' ... Cheers!<br />
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I am straight and wear makeup but I hate traditional women's work - cooking, cleaning etc. I'm good with computers, can use power tools without chipping my nail varnish and know quite a lot about building but don't really like getting dirty. I'd rather have a conversation about science and technology than go shopping and my favourite drink is beer.

Hi, additional person-first people. I hike alone almost all the time, several times per week, too. And I've cut off my long hair, years ago. I don't shave my head because 1. We need a little hair to keep our scalp from getting sunburned, and 2. It might mislead people into thinking one is a cancer victim, and cause false sympathy. And okay, 3. I don't want to be quite THAT weird... yet.

I am a tomboy , only i don't care if i am in a dress i still will play ball. Have never liked girly jobs wich drove my brothers crazy.

I feel uncomfortable in a dress. I do wear one, from time to time, when it's required of me, but I get out of it as soon as possible. Ever since I was little I loved camping and bugs. I go out to the woods by myself all the time, although sometimes the dog comes along. There are definitely days when I am very feminine, they are just rare and usually occur when I feel the need for male attention. The rest of the time I spend playing video games, hiking, and while I've never killed a snake (which was pretty badass of you I must say) I should hope if one were to come around any babies of mine I would stab it.<br />
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I feel gender neutral most of the time. I have found other women like this, and I tend to find them in the woods.<br />
<br />
Oh, one last thing before I stop rambling, I hate long hair, or having it anyway. It's so rare to see women with short hair where I live, every time I see one I feel like I should nod to them, like we're part of some short haired women mafia. Having a shaved head was the best, so low mantainence, but you get treated very strangely when you're a woman without hair.

Hi there... but what's with the dress and flowers? Just kidding. :)

I am studying to be an engineer, love power tools, know how to build and design basic wood structures, rarely wear makeup, am allergic to perfume, am independent, bull headed, am not submissive in a relationship, and I hate nail polish. I also love to cook, knit, crochet, embroider, and generally craft. I think it all fits under the "I like to build things" umbrella. I can't sew a straight seam to save my life though. I think everyone has a few gender contradictions. So hello person, from another person.