Thank You Ep

EP and ME is like the reel and real life of a Star. EP to me, is the nest that provides a platform for my perfect duality.

What you see, is YOUR imagination,

it's not me

what you feel, is YOUR interpretation,

its not me

what you know , is YOUR myth ,

its not me

what you believe, is the YOU, that you deal with,

its not me .................
Erevos Erevos
31-35, M
20 Responses Jul 12, 2010

i thought you like strong commanding voice !!

i was talking about the frustration and not about the tone !

isn't it natural ? lol

can't you think of better options ?

watching you sleep , while being hungry for buns, can be really painful !

sure ! thanks for being so generous ! but, i will prefer buns ! i am hungry !

you are always so enthusiastic about letting the hot cream, flow out from the machine abundantly !

that's true !

judging and misjudging is also an interpretation in reality as well as in the virtual world and the best part is, there is always scope to rectify. whatever the point might be, it is all about interpretations !

still, i am what you interpret me as ! just like i said, every individual is perceived and interpreted in different ways, that depends on who is interpreting him/her as and that has to be, real !

the me you think as me is really me ! i am your interpretation ! that is how things work, and that is something very real ! every relation is ba<x>sed on interpretations .... a wife can interpret his husband as really polite and decent, but the same husband when in office, as a boss is interpreted as rough and rude by his subordinates !

and what is that ?

notice................ your imagination, feed yourself with interpretations, derive a myth and arrive to a conclusion

we are we and we are all the same . thank you Mary , that was well interpreted.

we are all the mirrior of each other,,,very clever friend ,,,thank you,,,Mary

that surely is your interpretation .......... its not ME , but like i said, it always feels great to see the old friends back again.<br />
<br />
now, that's my interpretation !

You always have a way to back out of any situation... <br />
Where's the other ACE? Oh, I get it, it's you, you are a card aren't you...<br />
The TRUMP hand next to a heart. Hmmm..... how do I interpret thee.....?<br />
Oh, that would be interpretation of me!

welcome back Aliva !!!!!!!!!! its always good to see the old people back . lol <br />
<br />
arrogance and confidence ? well again, that's your interpretation ............. its not me !

arrogance and confidence...a deadly combo:)

its flying too high above your head . i am sorry