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I volunteered to be a human being. When I am an Angel, I will be a Corporal again. I believe that reality is a war between the good and the bad mushrooms. My white Rabbit is black and my cartoon has no seat belts, my spaceship runs on ozone and soft tongues. Can you speak treason?

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On "Corporal", I don't know whether it's a doubl' entendre -- the surface sense says "corporeal" to me, but the "Little Corporal" (Napoleon? Hitler?) is yapping at my leg to be included among the legomena. As a card-carrying treason-speaker I claim the right to ask... pretty please.

Thanks MB. :-)

wonderful! yup!

Beware the Jabberwock, it could make you volunteer to be human...again!!

It's true, I did volunteer. ;-)

it's okay, just add it to the pile...

Maybe soon, you will be able to say you have ;-)

Yeah, Kindal...this was a weird thread, and story...those were the days :-)

I considered it my Matriarchal duty. I am here for anyone that needs me. But especially the ONE who needs me.

I considered it my Matriarchal duty. I am here for anyone that needs me. But especially the ONE who needs me.

I love the opening statement, "I volunteered to be a human being." Welllll now...life is like the Army; never volunteer for anything. ;-))

I will grid my lions and prepare the Stalag nights...<br />
I am ready for you...

Gird your loins and prepare the stalagmites.

no rushmooms deeded!?<br />
<br />
Oh Puck, that was beautiful...

Alright you guys....Step Away from the Mushrooms.....Step Away from the Mushrooms

Your elbow patches rumble with a fear reminiscent of mayonnaise cradled in scotchguard

You need a licking bunny. Do you have a bunny to lick? If you can't find a bunny...maybe a drickle, or nogginswole! If you can't find a licking bunny, drickle or nogginswole...then use your hand ;-B

Georgeg...I am in a fog about that. Who is he?

finally someone else who knows who carlos castanada is :-)

I think it was 7 :-)

I bet you are beautiful, and enticing...if you feel more at ease, leave your drawers on...(but I know Celainn won't)...I will work around them : )

Brut stands before her subjects, viewing their charms and pleasantries...Brut inspects them with luscious sentiment and visceral abandonment...

no...I am not wearing a dress...but. I would wear a dress. Once. If you guys really wanted me too...In fact, since this is my story, and you are on my spaceship, I am going to lay down some mandatory clothing laws.<br />
Henceforth and so on, I, Brutmystik, am the only Alice allowed to wear clothes. Disrobe, and prepare for my magic mushroom...

Honey, do you need a cold compress for your head...your head sounds very, very busy...wonderbread moped...it may make me crazy, but, I totally saw this huge shoehorn on a moped with blue, yellow and red spots on it...I love your nonsense...and, if you need a deflaker...I am available 24/7.

Fire instead of rain????<br />
Oh ****.<br />
A gigling worm? I didn't even know they had mouths!!!

As I was filling the clouds with fire, I realized the mushrooms did wither. The giggling worms were very confused by this and did speak treason.

: )<br />
<br />
Let me cover you with something..<br />
I know about the kind of treason you speak of. I am patient.

I sail a vast sea of disgruntled penguins, each one subliminally unique and smelling of fish. My hands and feet are fit to be tied. It's so cold here, yet I choose to be naked so I won't be seen.

Treason is a language of discontent, but louder than complacency, and easier to understand.

No but tis Rare. hehehehehe<br />

rarebitt...is that a new species, MnM?

Ah-h-h-h-h- mythrilll frothiness, my very favorite. . . . <br />
What a Dark rarebitt. . .. <br />

Thr RAWEST Kool Aid...with a mystical frothiness...

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test right here on EP - yea!

Hiding in a shell? Like a crab? Or, do you mean you tend to be slow in the mornings...? <br />
"I understand all, yet under all stands me"....I like that, great word play and meaning.

I understand all, yet under all stands me, yet everymorning I awaken a very sophisicated turtle.

treason is a thing easily forgiven a authentic and repentant supplicant.....

I've always thought I was a fun gi<br />
But your merriment tis a tribuite to a keen sense of humor. made this ole Jester smile! Speak treason, I can but it would be my head capricious queen. Then where would I put my hat?

You leave me speechless. But Happy.

Obviously the shoes are the main pla<x>yer in this drama...sneaky with their sneaky soles. Can we trust a shoe to determine our sanitary habits? I tend to agree with majority opinion on that one. Just yesterday I was shopping with my mushroom and a red approached us from the mushrooms blindside (they have mighty good vision), this was the disruption that bought down the Queen Street Blue/Red alliance…Such a pity. The war is lost by a fungus.

A relationship between two unrelated shoes...since blue happens to be my favorite color, yes, they will. Queen's perogative. And no, I haven't seen ol' red, but I imagine I will soon.

Ah, I see, Will the blue ones have a say? Or is it simply a relationship between two unrelated shoes? Have you met with the red mushroom yet? I hear they're making a comeback.

Well maybe you can explain it to me, James...Thanks for reading.