Still Trying To Find My Own Wonderland

I remember my dad reading "alice in wonderland" to me when I was  a little girl... we would sleep in on Sunday mornings and I would hop into his bed and he would read it to me.

I have seen a number of versons of the story in cartoon form and movie and its a great mix of mad characters for humans to play... I think they all do such a fine performance..

its the getting lost and exploring that amuses me....

so where is wonderland?
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1 Response May 6, 2012<br />
<br />
City sleeps, taxi sweeps<br />
Avenue of broken dreams<br />
No-one calls the angel falls<br />
Alice is in wonderland<br />
<br />
White man dance heat romance<br />
Neon fashion chatter<br />
Alice is in clubland<br />
<br />
Wo-oh-oh-oh while limbo<br />
Wo-oh-oh-oh while limbo<br />
[ From: ]<br />
<br />
She's no Juliet or gigolo<br />
Years may come<br />
Years may go<br />
Alice is in limbo<br />
<br />
Alice cried, there's no romance<br />
It's a hopeless dance<br />
Babylon is broken<br />
Alice cried the dream has died<br />
There is no wonderland