We Are Not Real

That's right, just a simulation being run on some future quantum computer, a simulation for future humans to play with alternate realities etc etc. The possibilities are endless.

I feel like Hurley on LOST

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4 Responses May 16, 2007

Oh no... I'm someone that is outside of my programming because I always change. no wait, because I always change that might be my programming. Oh no. I can' live my live without proving you right. Wait a second. I'm doing God's will. Yeah, that's it. I need another mushroom and go down the rabbit hole. Well, I plan on waking up tomorrow and doing my thing. It doesn't matter if I'm a program,l puppet or master, or my thing is an elaborate scheme. It makes me happy.

The story contains alot of satire about politics (at least in my opinion), but I also know the work was inspired by a young girl, and Lewis Carroll was eccentric...brilliant, but eccentric. Talk about shape shifting realities; my favorite qoute given to Alice by the Chesire cat "We're ALL mad here..."

The brain is a computer, always re-programming, so on a tiny level...you program yourself, I suppose the rest comes from childhood .<br />
<br />
I like Alice in wonderland, and Alice through the looking glass, that’s another fond reading memory from my childhood, another reason I’m a book-nut. Damn my programming.

Lol alice in wonderland was made by some cartoonist on a really good acid trip ! i really hope im not computer simulated .. whoever created me really f'd up my program