Mad People?

Yep... I do feel like Alice, a lot of time. Especially when I find myself around mad people. NO, I don't mean silly and goofy, like I am. These are cool people! So relax, Philip! XD

I mean the crazies! The ones who are much like The Dutches or The Red Queen! Dangerously mad! Run! Flee! Get away! And more times than not, I seem to attract these types. And it's a family curse too. My mother, sister, brothers, and myself all have the unbelievable luck of running into the worlds worst nutters! They are very twisted, unreasonable, and SCARY people.

And here I am, just an innocent and daydreaming girl, lost within a bizarre world, surrounded by mad people. It's a little depressing sometimes. :-/

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1 Response Mar 21, 2009

There are many more awesome people, than crazy mad people.....surround yourself with those always!