Stranger In A Strange Land...

From a very young age I’ve always felt different. As most of these stories start out.

My Mom always used to joke about me being an alien. That she found me under a rock and kept me. For some reason that has always stuck with me even though it was a joke.

I’ve always known I was different. I feel like I am something else trapped in this human skin. I’ve always felt that I need to exist wider and bigger than this body, this world, allows.

I’ve always had abilities that most people would consider weird or consider me crazy for believing that I have. Intuitions. Energy manipulating abilities, before I even knew anything about it. Lots of empathy. Knowing things that I can’t explain how I know. I just do.

And I’ve always been an outcast all my life. Ignorance breeds hate. I’ve been considered crazy for so long, but I’ve come to realize that I’m not the crazy one. I am the sane one. I am more sane than others because I know and feel things that the majority of humans don’t. I understand the world more than most people do. They live in there little ignorant minds and cast the crazy label on people who don’t. They are the crazy ones. The ones that can’t comprehend the huge things that I do. It’s crazy how I can understand this world so deeply, but yet not understand it at all. It’s like my brain has so much knowledge of this world that my little human brain can’t handle it and it shuts down and makes me feel as though I know nothing. But there are those moments of clarity that I remember and I know.

I just feel strange things. I am something else put inside this human body for a reason, for a purpose. I’m not sure of the purpose, lesson, or reason yet, but I’m learning. And when I am done with this I will be able to return to my natural form.

This may sound “crazy” (oh how I dislike that word) But I’ve always felt the need to fly. And I’ve always felt connected or a strange attraction to certain things. I am still learning what those things mean and why they are somehow connected to me. When I understand all this then maybe I will understand myself, my purpose, my life, past, present, future and purpose. But until then I will continue on this journey as a stranger in this strange land....
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youtube Dolores Cannon will find answers from her

Great story,<br />
Remember madness is only what genius looks like to a tiny mind.<br />
Stay yourself and enjoy life, thats what we are here for, just have fun =)<br />
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You're on the path :) When the path comes to you it will be more perfect than you could ever imagine. Just be patient for a bit longer. That being said... you've probably noticed some crazy things happening in the past three months or so. It's been a very transformative time. Learn how to ride the roller coaster and love synchronicities. Message me, we should talk more.