Fundamentally Different From The Human Condition

It's very difficult for me to describe, but if you're here then I hope you might be able to understand.

I have felt out of place for as long as I can remember. Out of sync if you will. Like I don't belong here. No matter who I look at or am talking to or whatever, I feel deep down inside me this distinct sensation of "I'm not like you". And it's not just a difference of personalities or something like that. I feel different at a fundamental level. My body may be human, but I am not. It's very difficult to describe, but it's like this reality, such as we know it, is nothing more than one of the many. And I can FEEL it. Not emotionally, but more like a sense of different dimensions and possibilities. But anyway, as for human interactions, I have to do what I call Face. For different people or different situations, I create and put on a different mask. I have to do this because if I reveal to people just how alien I am, psychologically speaking, they simply don't understand. So I pretend to be like them, but my alienness invariably leaks through. Nobody has ever seen the full depth of my true face. It would be like reciting the most beautiful poem but in a language that nobody else seems to speak. So I keep it hidden as best as I can for fear of rejection and further alienation. On a more physical level, I feel energies flowing through my body. Energies that pierce and permeate the very foundation of the universe and beyond. I also see possibilities and long range projections that almost always turn out to be correct. This may sound crazy, but I feel like I am on the verge of an evolutionary leap or something, I have no idea. I feel like I am growing in ways I can't describe. And the truly alienating thing is that no one else seems to be. Everywhere I look, everyone is caught up in their lives whereas I am someplace completely different. Not smarter than necessarily, just......somewhere totally alien to the norm, but no less real. I am also heavily drawn to the sky. Every time I look up at the stars, I feel that THAT is where I belong. Not here, not now, and not amongst these self-absorbed people who are incapable or unwilling to look at anything from the cosmic perspective.

I hope you can make some sense out of that. I'm not very good at describing things, but that's as close as I can get. It'd be nice to meet another alien so we could compare experiences.
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Dear One you are dearly loved!

I know the awakening to higher states of being can be quite alienating from humans. I know because that was/is part of my experience as well.

You are not wrong for feeling the way that you do because you ARE right. We, you, myself and many other beings, are not human.

You and I are what has been dubbed "star seeds" which are beings from other realms sent here to assist this plane's ascension process. This process is purely energetic and you are helping just by being conscious.

Search your heart and you will find this to be your truth.

There are ways of actively assisting but that is a lesson for another time. Its quite the obstacle to go through your current experience and I suggest only taking on what your level of tolerance is capable. We all need ample "time" to assimilate this information or if we try to take on more it will lead to anxiety and or depression.

The tension you feel between the social structures is due to the transmutation of consciousness field(s).

You, like myself, see the physical world as "smoke and mirrors" because thats basically what it is and you are becoming more and more aware of it. Those who choose to be ignorant of this truth will try and say there is something wrong with you because you are ultimately not reflecting their illusion and this will upset those who have are dependant on the that system.

Just from this post people may become upset and lash out and try to condemn what has been written but that is only derived from anger seeded in themselves which closes the mind to illumination.

I earnestly hope that you find comfort in these words and help light the way. Fear not for you are not alone on your path. We are here for you and love you dearly. Embrace your ability, let it evolve and you will truly have an enlightening experience.


If someone was to ever ask me how I feel about myself and the world, I'd show them this post. It's like you've read my mind and put down my deepest feelings. Amazing.

yup all my life felt the same way wow i thought i was the only one

you pepole fell this way becuse your wiser than the average person you dont see the need to have a ob<x>ject you dont put thangs in this world higher than your self like a lot of pepole iv watch pepole get so angre from losing a poitless iteam. and without ob<x>ject values you fell like evey thang is pointless? and you crave for a greater perpose!<br />
i know thats how i fell , i dont see how pepole have there good subjects and bad, i can do Any thang i wunted but i dont care for money or a big house i fell unperpost fells like i have a greater pepose becuse every thangs to easy its lost my attition, so i spend all my time lostin my head trying to find a greater meaning to this life and gaing wisdom and self inteligents.

I have felt alienated ever since I knew myself. When I was a child I liked looking at stars, hoping some miracle would emerge and I would be taken back home. I never had sense of belonging to this place called earth, neither this dimension. I can completely relate to you guys, but I can't relate to people around me. I learned how to act to be one of them, just not to be rejected by the soceity, since after all we are part of it. When I was a child I didn't know how to conceal my true nature and I would be an ob<x>ject of other's kids cruelty. I could go on and on ... I wonder why we feel this way, is there any explanation that would make some sense of it?

I think you descibed that amazingly, i couldn't have said it beter myself.<br />
I can totally relate to everything you said, especially the part about belonging among the stars.<br />
We should chat sometime it would be great.

Yeah, I can high-five that.. ; )

WOW... looks like I've found some kindred spirits... I can totally relate to everything you are all saying... so there's obviously a reasonable number of us needed here for whatever we're needed here for... achieving critical mass perhaps? Have heard much about theories of change relying on a "critical mass" (a certain number of people believing in the same thing) to actually take effect. Any thoughts on this???

Hey I feel the same way. I feel like there's an energy source streaming through my body just trying to find a way to escape. Its almost like the sensation of having a cold chill run up your back but instead it streams through my entire body and just when it seems i can control it, it floats out of my grasp. I can channel it through out my body but never out of it. There has to be some explanation to this. From the very beginning of my life i always questioned whether or not i was human cause i don't feel like i am. I have a higher understanding of engineering that most of the best engineers to day would baffle at. I just hope there are others out there that are like me.

The difference is you see the world as it should be and not as it now is. You place is to find your way to make it become the world you see. This is a life of creation you see the eventuality, now create the way to make it happen...

I'm right there with you. We are the Celestials guys. We're here from other parts of the universe to bring in the next step in consciousness for the human race. The key is figuring out what it is that you can uniquely do, and then put all your heart into that endeavor, you will succeed. There is nothing in heaven or hell that can stop you. Whatever you put your mind to will be a success. Also as a side note... if you ever want to let that face out... go do a dub step rave, do whatever drugs you will, and wear that face like a badge. It feels good to let it out...

I see shapes in the clouds like pictures, when I was younger I would stand outside at night, willing to be taken 'home'. I try so hard to be like everyone else, but I always, always feel very diferent, like a higher level of consciousness?

Exactly. I can't help but shake the feeling that SOMETHING is in motion and it's something that will probably destroy us all. Call me crazy, but I think that the human race is on the brink of a serious shift and they don't even realize it. And this thing normal people call their "real world" isn't just surreal. It's something else. Like a perception that I don't share because I take in more information and thus paint a picture with more dimensions and depth, if that makes any sense.

It makes me feel better knowing that other people, including you, are feeling this way too. Sometimes you just Know things. Like, this isn't just some psychological problem. It is recognizing that something, I don't know what, is happing. in the "normal world" seems just almost surreal, doesn't it? It kinda feels like living a double life, doesn't it?

Okay...... Any more you want to add?