I Feel Like An Alien In An Alien World

As a small child I felt from a very early age that everything was somehow not as it should be--or it was, and I wasn't. It didn't make sense, this world into which I had been cast. Today, at nearly 29 years of age, the feeling has only grown stronger. I live my life as everyone else does, rolling from one day to the next, wondering if tomorrow will bring some new light, something to differentiate from all the other yesterdays. Most people are content, it seems, to simply be normal. Personally, I see no point in a normal life. What could I possibly gain from it?

What I feel is kind of like a memory, like when you wake from a dream and you can't quite remember it, but it was so intense that it dominates your day, and you keep getting flashes of this other reality that never happened. This is how I feel about life, but the bit I am struggling to remember... it wasn't a dream.
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David: I have this same experience which has been exaggerated since my son passed away. The psychiatric professionals told me it was dis-associative disorder and drugged me. It didn't help. I haven't found anything to help. That's why I am here. I typed in the same topic as your post title. If you figure anything out let me know.

i watched a program about sharks or animal attack, animals do what come natural to them, and they are persicuted for that, why i wonder, anger's me some what, sharks live water, man lives on land, go into their domain, the you risk this, but to cull because of doing this is wrong. i know i sound like an activist but it increases my despair, make feel i am not of this world, i belong somewhere else, i known this since i was 4 years as I wandered fields as a child, loved everything like birds, bees, mamals water creatures, but don't like humans at all, can anyone tell me why this could be ?

agree, don't really know what's wrong with me, but find that human's pretent love all things great and small ....... what ever that may mean ..................

There is nothing wrong with how you are feeling. You have been in the process of awakening from your spiritual slumbering. Yes this outer world we live in is just an illusion. Everything we experience is based on thoughts and those thoughts manifesting and appearing as solid to us. we are all alien to this earth. Our souls did not originate from here.

As if I would have written this story. The same feelings I have and always had in my life. <br />
I guess I only have never been able to define them in words or exact descriptions...<br />
But the feeling has always been inside me but growing older I have become more concious about it and tred to find out where it comes from and why am I not NORMAL and AVERAGE as everyone else...<br />
I have thousand of strange and urging thoughts inside that I do not feel anyone else has. I have tried to be happy and simple as seem people around but when I look inside me even trying to seems pointless and ridiculous and at some points I feel so much uninterested in this life and people around me that I wonder how am I going to last trough the life and where it will bring me. How long I will be able to live normal simple daily life hiding all the deeps inside...<br />
<br />
Even stranger I have really wished to be normal...