It Have Never Seemed Right....

I don't know where to start, but i have to start somewhere or I'll go nuts in less than a few days.

As far back as i remember I've always watched human kin and always asked why they must ruin the world so
, when i was a child i understood things you wouldn't expect a child to understand i talked to and heard the spirits around me
 when the other children saw or heard this i was pushed away, further away than i already was. As i grew more voices and ancient wisdom of herbs came to mind from the age of ten I've been able to make my own herbal tea, and salve. Once i tried to enter the world of humans, but as i did i found only harsh words a science that made no sense what so ever and the desire for money, numbers, and people who craved either peace or war.

I fled from the sight and feeling of it -  that lonely cold feeling that would stun anyone who didn't have something or someone to rescue him or her.
When one caught my heart, they always fled from me scared as they are for anything a little to strange, they could never see never understand and would not listen to reason - for apparently everything i am is madness it self.

And now...

Each and every day i grow more and more certain that i don't belong here, attempts to understand humans failed. I feel foreign a tourist on a short visit to observe and then travel home with one huge report about humans and how they forget the world around them only to destroy in the name of money. I'm placed here I'm certain to do something, but what i don't know, and when i have done that "something" - I know that i will leave this place.

I might be mad - and yet i don't think so all i know is i don't belong here on this planet in this universe, that i will never understand humans -  my body is the shape of a human but nothing more than a shell, for my spirit ancient and from else where. And as so i long for love but i very much doubt i'll find it from any human ever again. - Maybe someday an alien would take me away.

As them humans cant be understood no matter what you do  - though of course you can always pretend....

OakOracle OakOracle
22-25, M
Feb 10, 2010