You Are The Sane Ones!!!!


I found this site about 2 minutes ago.  I have read a few personal accounts from people who feel alone in this mad world.

We are not alone.

Whoever you are out there you are not alone.

I have since a very young age felt very different.

I feel things deeply, I am empathetic and most of all I often take responsibility for myself.

This society is run in such a corrupt way as to keep people from connecting with each other but most importantly to keep us from connecting with our self.

When I say self I mean our soul, spirit and/or our true individual calling.

We can change the world by changing ourselves.

Ever heard of the 100th monkey experiment?

Consciousness is expanding--right as I write this people are opening up---evolving into spiritual beings.

Once consciousness opens up it can be like a tidal wave, a sunami sweeping into ones life.

I have seen people change rapidly once they are touched, once they have been awakened.

Being touched, being awakened is a personal choice and cannot be forced.

If we all start taking responsibility for ourselves, for our thoughts for our reactions and actions that is a start.

Have you noticed that most bullies bully from behind or from a far?

That is because they are cowards who are not willing to take responsibilty for themselves.

We are all judgemental if we start being nicer to ourselves and to others we will see results.

I try to remind myself that everytime I point a finger at someone 3 are pointing back.

As Robert Anton Wilson syas- We are all cosmic schmucks!!!

It is great to give oneself permission to make contridictions because they can lead us to personal evolution.

I urge anyone who is sad to go into nature and breathe.

I felt sad and alone last night and so I just imagined myself in the arms of a giant mother who loved me unconditionally.

I truly felt this hug I felt unconditional love...from myself to myself.

Nature, trees, bodies of water--the stars at night .....there is magnificance here on earth.

Deep soul who is longing for communion....follow your bliss....whatever makes you feel LOVE do that as often as you can.

I say all of this as much to myself as to you.

I have faith that the strength from the heart, from the greatest power and truth in life will overcome----LOVE.

But we as a species must change....we must start with ourselves.

Know Thyself.

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3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Am right there with you! Just posted a reply where I brought up the subject of Critical Mass... is the same concept as the 100th Monkey as I understand it... and yes... responsibility is the key! Have hated that word for most of my life but am just now starting to understand it, accept it, embrace it and realise just how wonderful and utterly necessary it is to take responsibility for oneself. "Know Thyself" was written on the Temple of Delphi... we (humans) have been trying to achieve this for several thousand years now... wonder if we're any closer... it certainly feels that we may be getting closer... fingers crossed everyone...

I strongly agree with 99% of what you wrote. Especially the part about taking responsibility for our responses to things.<br />
<br />
(One minor point of difference though, regarding "most bullies bully from behind or from afar" - the bullies I've come across have bullied at pretty close range. But this is just a side point I felt compelled to make because it has been such a big issue in my family, where there was unfortunately bullying/abuse of the kids by the parents. I know most people don't apply the word 'bullying' in that context, but I believe it fits.)<br />
<br />
Thanks for the great post!

Wow. I agree with everything you just said. And yes, I have heard of the 100th monkey experience. I actually just read about it today. Not too long before I found this site. Amazing!