Beyond All Perimeters

My name is Markus and I am 38 years old.  I feel like an outcast among outcasts.  It's very strange that when I was five and six years of age, I didn't even have any friends then.  I have tried almost everything to make friends with what I call The Neurotypical World.  Trouble is, there's a whole host of liars and cheats out there, in that non-understanding world today.  Both me and my sister spend vast amounts of time in ISOLATION!  It sometimes feels like we're both on another planet to everybody else, and we're both not even into drugs either!

My sister and I feel so alone in a world of inconsistent rules and regulations.  Me and my sister are bloody brainy, but the neurotypical world loves to argue this case.  You often feel as though you are beyond all perimeters with everybody else.  It's so sad that the neurotypical world is so constantly blind and arrogant.  I hate facists of the "modern" world!

Sorrowmoon Sorrowmoon
3 Responses Mar 22, 2009

I was an outcast most of my life my family alienated me.I moved to a community Where everyone hated us.I say us is because they even hated my little girl for no reason.Didn't even want their kids to play with her.We tried everything even going to church they didn't like us there either.We tried to make new friends only to end up in failure.My daughter is 13 now and talks weird she says these humans sometimes.We are totally isolated.I keep praying.I know that God has something in store for us and this is all part of a big plan.I will not let them make me sad.

I kinda understand you<br />
a world that goes on for so long with isolation feels fake at times<br />
SO much sometimes you think its actually real

I truly understand where you are coming from.So many times I feel like I am in this world but not of this world.It's hard to find anyone who you can be your self around,I get so tired of pretending I enjoy peoples company when I get sick of them talking of the sick things that go on every day.I most of time stay in my world,what I see and feel is above and behond this world.I hope someday you and your sister will come across friends just like you are.Stay in tune with your feeling I know they will lead you to that place where you so much belong.Bless you both.