Beyond All Perimeters

My name is Markus and I am 38 years old.  I feel like an outcast among outcasts.  It's very strange that when I was five and six years of age, I didn't even have any friends then.  I have tried almost everything to make friends with what I call The Neurotypical World.  Trouble is, there's a whole host of liars and cheats out there, in that non-understanding world today.  Both me and my sister spend vast amounts of time in ISOLATION!  It sometimes feels like we're both on another planet to everybody else, and we're both not even into drugs either!

My sister and I feel so alone in a world of inconsistent rules and regulations.  Me and my sister are bloody brainy, but the neurotypical world loves to argue this case.  You often feel as though you are beyond all perimeters with everybody else.  It's so sad that the neurotypical world is so constantly blind and arrogant.  I hate facists of the "modern" world!

Sorrowmoon Sorrowmoon
Mar 22, 2009