Passing Grace

(This story is soley about my mother's side of the family and is in no way including my father's side.)
I don't go to family functions anymore. I don't really want to sit around not talking to anyone or doing anything. They tend to overlook me most of the time now. I like it better than when they would ask me questions knowing I don't really care. Its okay though. I never really did feel like I fit in with them. Their too stuck up, it makes my stomach turn. Like looking at a crowd of ignorant people, you can only feel sorrry for them. My family, if you can really call them that, is falling apart. My great grandmother has been the reason we've all stayed together this long. Their's always been little sperations between us. She is getting very old now though. I'm afraid she's going to die sooner than we think. I wouldn't be very surprised, but it would still be a sad day. I don't hold anything against her personally. Everyone else has dug their own graves with me. Either a snide comment, a rude gesture, or just a lack of anything at all. So once she passes I see a ripple begining within them. Once all is said and done their wont be much of a family there, just a couple different groups of people. I don't care much to be honest, I'd like them to see what its like to be on the outside for once.
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wow, im the exact same boat as u and craytonics exept its my fathers side, it sucks huh

Hello, dude I am in the EXACT same situation!!! I was extremeley shocked while reading this! The only difference is minor, its my grandma not great grandmother. But everything else is an exact match to the situation I'm in. I know how you feel dude, I know.