Not Being Treated Fairly

my brother got married and the got a divorce from the same wome 3 years later they got remarried and the 5 months later got a divorce all over agin my parents were there for bothe weddings for them both 

and then when i wanted to get married they didn't want to give me a wedding so i got married at the justice of the peace and my day said he would never walk me down the isle ever.

when my sister got married both of my parent were there for he my mom made a big issue out of my sister her ring  the whole thing. 

and right now what going on today my dad's is having test done and  my brother and sister are with my mom and when i showed yp they treated me l;ike i am not there 

lostsis lostsis
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3 Responses Oct 6, 2009

I know exactly how you feel I am going througg almost the exact same thing. Its really hard but I try to stay focused on my husband and build what we have so my family problems dont bother me as much.

their is issues going on,maybe your aware of it or maybe not but ask yourself do you really care now that you have somone. don't wast time about it just wash your hands of it.

you shouldnt have to go thru that