Sometimes I feel like I am outside the popular clique looking in but I really don't mind being alone sometimes.

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I have to agree with some of these comments. You are very popular and that may scare people away from talking to you, assuming you are busy. As for the, highschool like cliques? I can't believe they exist here, but they do. I like to one of one. I love my friends, but I won't play games. Suprisingly, I've never ran into much trouble on here. Live and let live or MYOB. Know, you don't ever have to be alone on EP, just give me a holler :-)

Ever felt alone in a crowd.??

yes, Lena!


I agree TZ but I was making a point about the high school mentality and how this place seems to be full of it. You picked up on my word play. Well done my dear friend.<br />
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USA, I smile bc I know you speak the truth.<br />
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All, I guess people assume that people are constantly talking to me and don't want to bother me.<br />
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MM, You aren't alone dear.<br />
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Pineapple Princess. I love you too.

FG, you are very popular here...<br />
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I do understand the feeling of being alone even online..However judging from the responses here,you must know that you're not and I enjoy your stories...<br />
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You are awesome *hugs*

Cliques are for high school queen bees. we are 'real people', not looking for drones. :)

lol thank you. but its true!! <br />
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i love u lol<br />
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so who is this popluar clique i have never heard of before??

Ron, Me? why would you think that? i am the do my own thing clique lol.<br />
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Awww Pineapple Princess you are so sweet.

hey! ur not alone!! i talk to u... i actually wasnt even aware ep had a popluar clique..:|