On the Outside Looking In

Haha, how perfect is Avril Lavigne's song "Nobody's Home" playing as I t ype this?

Anyway, my whole life, I've felt like I've never fit in.  Everyone else makes friends so easily, yet no one seems like they want to be friends with me.  In university, I sit alone whilst everyone talks to everyone else but me.  I feel so alone.  I feel so fat and ugly when I see other people.  I don't even like leaving my house because I'm scared that people will be judging me.

Sometimes, I'd just like to fit in instead of just looking for the outside.



NostalgicLies NostalgicLies
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1 Response May 1, 2008

Yeah, I know. I try to tell myself that. My counsellor tried telling me that as well. I just wish I wouldn't let others control my happiness.<br />
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