Everything Went Wrong...

I dont even know where to begin.
First, I find out that i have failed out of university and that I have to sit out for 3 years before I can apply for re admission. so in the meantime, I have to apply to a community college, and put up with the constant disappointment both from my parents and myself.
If thats not enough, I have no friends, maybe one at best. But i seriously barely ever see her because she's so busy. and finally, Ive never had a serious relationship, ever.
I believe that one thing has led to another. the lack of friends and love, being homesick, missing my family and real friends back home, and just feeling fat and unattractive all the time, all of that has led to my lack of focus on my studies and ultimately, failure.
thanks for reading.
nassyga nassyga
18-21, F
Jul 5, 2011