I wish I would just disappear without leaving a trace.

Then sometimes I feel like I am invisible!!

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7 Responses Mar 16, 2009

@ felecier: thanks, yes it is like I have become an old furniture that is ignored and invisible!<br />
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@ LawRaJayne: Good point, yes if you want attention you have to become a bit interesting. thank you for the advice

make yourself exist. get noticed!<br />
it seems to me that you are deprived of attention off certain people. <br />
if you really want people to notice you. do something about it. change your style. wear something cool. or really.. just be yourself. It's good enough. <br />
realise that there are many people out there just like you.

i know the feeling it is like you dont even exist

LOL, that was funny, thank you

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You have apple phobia?

Thanks, how are you today doctor?