Without a Trace?

I would like to disappear without a trace sometimes. To start all over in a foreign country where, just the opposite of the Cheers slogan, no one knows my name intrigues me.  Could I make it on my wits?  Would I be able to keep it a secret?  Could I actually live, a day, much less, a week, or don't forget a lifetime without my best friends?  Ummm no, so forget the disappearing without a trace, as I think it would have to be disappear with a minimum amount of forwarding addresses.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
46-50, F
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though I KNOW this about YOU... I know such a PLACE... and ... can bring CONTACTS as Friends

If you disappear without a trace you better take me with you girl. Just saying...

I think reality would mess with this plan. Without a trace would be hard in this era of the computer.<br />
Age and health would make it hard for me to move very far. I did think about the French Foreign Legion around 1964. Seriously. <br />
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If reality is not a factor, then I would want to live with a pagan tribe ~ 2,000 BC Germany. Young and healthy!!! OMGoddess!!!!!!!!...Dew

If you do disappear wanna rob a bank and split the take with me?

Oh no! u cannot do that. I know can't leave EP friends and just disappear. We all will be here on EP and enjoy our time.

We would you hunt you down, send out the dogs, round up a posse, and do what ever it takes to bring you back to EP, FG. ;)

I wonder that as well Fun. It is quite intriguing.