My Fault

Sometimes i feel like everything is my fault of what happend between me and my dad and my step-mom people have told me that it is not my fault and I'm trying to believe them but for some reason i just keep on feeling that it is my fault. Me and my dad have never gotten along neither has me and my step-mom they have treated me very badly anyway one time i was being hurt by my step-mom and i told my mom and she told my dad and he got very angry at her and stared blaming her and he said that she was making up lies. But she really wasn't it was really the truth then i tried talking to him but he didn't believe me either he was on my step-mom's side and when i went up there they both yelled and screamed at me and they also called me a lair and they also stared blaming me for making up lies and then i had to apologize to my step-mom. For telling the truth it was very unfair because i thought my dad would believe me but he didn't he was on my step-mom's side and he also supported her and he had done everything for her but never for me. Anyway after that happend i stared to keep my feelings inside because i didn't want to cause anymore pain, stress and grief because i thought i have and i didn't want to cause anymore i just wanted my dad to be happy and i didn't want to ruin his marriage so i just kept quiet and whenever time i had gotten hurt by them which was a lot i just kept it inside so they wouldn't have a problem with me. But then one day i had finally gotten sick and tierd of it so i told my mom and instead of talking to my dad she took me to go see a therapist and i told her everything of what had happend between me and my dad and step-mom and i also told my mom too and i'am glad that i'am in therapy and that has helped and i'am still going and i'am glad that i'am.

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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

It's not your fault at all. You have every right to want to be heard by your own father!<br />
It fustrates me that a father, choses his new family over his children in a previous realtionship. If you won't stick by your kids no matter what. why have them in the first place init. It causes pain and grief to those children etc. just like yourself.<br />
I'm glad however that you've gotten yourself in to therapy and are learning to deal with all of this. It must be extremely difficult. Don't let them get the better of you, or make you believe it's your fault. it's not.