IF They Were Ever There At All

All people ever do is leave all people ever do is stop loving you, stop caring all people do is stop being near you stop wanting you around, all people ever do is start being cold and distant for what something you could not help, some truth you told they didn't want to here? All people do is forget you 

All people do is wash their hands of you when your not as bright and peppy as they think you should be, when they find out that all the simple solutions in life don't work for you and no amount of optimism is going to change things then begin the guilt trips on the blame games no matter how many times they said they wouldn't leave you, no matter how many times they said they would be there no matter how many times they said they were different 

And all you end up is hurt wondering why they left, wondering why they are so distant, wondering when people stop tossing you away like trash, when you stop being filth when you will EVER matter to another person    

tulick tulick
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2 Responses Feb 26, 2009

ok i don't do beer weed or sex <br />
<br />
so thats not the problem

do you listen to the bravery there is a part in their lyrics from one of thier songs that goes<br />
<br />
'i saw the things in you i wanted to believe,i think i saw that light i saw but it was never there at all'<br />
<br />
i wrote this strory like you because i felt everything you are feeling. but i said to myself i will fix myself people out there are TRUELY selfish,we all are in the end. when i started fixing myself with all the wrongs i found in myself,people started comming back into my life because they saw how well i'd repaired myself. you are probably at ground zero,trust me its not an overnight overhaul.start by elimintateing all your vices,weed beer ..etc for 40 days of purity i'm on day 11.