My Father

I'm an only child.
i think my dad is cheating on my mom. it started in 6th grade when my father was sick and he was under a bed rest at home. i saw him sending a flirty text message to someone, i ask him what was he doing, he said nothing. after then he became more cautious around me. when i was in my 8th grade, i used his laptop and saw that all the histories are **** sites. one day, i called my dad after school, and after that call ended, my father called once again. i was confused, why would he call me again right after we ended our phone call? and when i pick up the call he said "hi, ***(his female secretary's name)" using a sultry voice. i was shocked and i didn't say anything. i think my father realized that he called the wrong person and he hang up. At night when i went to my parent's bedroom i saw my father checking some random women's Facebook profile. i think he's checking them out. i really don't know what to do right now.
velvetbluerose velvetbluerose
Dec 12, 2011